Tomos speedo drive

Tal Reznikov /

I got a new drive from treats, and a new cable from 1977...

When i installed it, i rolled the bike out to see if all was working smoothly, but it wasnt. the little tab wouldnt spin, and it bent untill it came out of the hole.

i dont wanna force it back in cause it might just snap... what do i do?

Re: Tomos speedo drive

I just had the same problem....the long piece that goes in the wheel is too long....I bent it back on the end and doubled it about 1/4 of an inch....I then carefully bent it away from the housing as it was pushing against it and that was causing it to catch and bend.

I re installed it and it worked fine after that.

Re: Tomos speedo drive

^What that guy said.

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