Honda PA50II light rewiring, simple shit. I'm dumb.

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Bought this clunker and the wiring is all screwed to the moon. Spliced in wires everywhere, none of the kill switch/ignition/lights worked from handle bars. I am more or less a dunce when it comes to electrical stuff.

I want to wire to to constantly run headlight / taillight while it is running. No other electrical. Simplest thing ever right?

I have the downtube separated from the motor, and where the main wiring harness connected on left side and went up behind gas tank, it was all stock connects, pulled apart. I have 4 wires. Green/Yellow/Black/Red. On the right side, the ignition coil has the obvious spark plug wire, and a small 18 gauge black wire.

I bought a voltage regulator and an aftermarket headlight already. Just need the basic wiring. All the stuff from voltage regulator just said Yellow to yellow, so do I do that, and then off to one of the filaments of headlight? Ground the headlight and also ground that small black wire off the coil?

What do I do with the red/green from main harness I see?

Pardon my idiocy, I just want to have a headlight and not start on fire or travel through time or anything.

Re: Honda PA50II light rewiring, simple shit. I'm dumb.

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