preparing for race crank installation.

ian van opijnen /

FINALLY going race crank after 2 years of 45+ blasting on high gearing

what do i need besides the crank bearings seals and snaprings? am i going to need a puller to get the bearing off the big gear without hurting it?

also i plan on going unstuffed but treats only has the DMP in stock which doesnt have oil holes on the small end... is drilling them a realistic option? or get the treats super stuffy with dual oil holes and just forget about the whole unstuffed/stuffed debate.

also am i going to need clutch shims? if so what ones should i buy?

any other tips or words of wisdom before i order besides "USE THE SEARCH"! :p

going in a e50 puch

PP Kstar 70 with some mild port work and good case match

phbg 20 on custom intake

trying different pipes and gears right now but most likely will be run with a biturbo for the rest of this year at 17 or 16x40

is any case sealer ok or should it be yama/hondabond brand?

Re: preparing for race crank installation.

Overpriced Parts /

You got to measure for shims or sand down your old ones to fit

Re: preparing for race crank installation.

ian van opijnen /

ok! thanks! totally fine with sanding them down, i just wasnt sure if id need thicker ones. how tight should everything be together inside there?

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