**HELP** Random Hose? Please Look!

I have had this moped for a few months now. Transportation to and from the repair shop is very inconvenient. I noticed today there was a black hose hanging off the bottom left side of my rear tire. If anyone has any idea where this goes or what its for please let me know. After I noticed the hose, the moped started acting funky. It wouldn't stay on for too long then shut off. I believe it is a 2010 Jonway Magnum.

Please reply to this post or email me at: smith6103@yahoo.com Thank you!

Re: **HELP** Random Hose? Please Look!


we don't do these here.

Re: **HELP** Random Hose? Please Look!

Andrew Kotcher /

it seems to be spraying oil onto your tire too so it is prolly a vent line or a disconnected line look for a port to plug it back into!

Re: **HELP** Random Hose? Please Look!

Overpriced Parts /

Where are the petals located?

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