Free spirit fog machine

I recently got my barn-find free spirit up and running, and it actually runs pretty decent. So far ive mostly just been test driving it around the block, but tonight i took it out for probably about 15 minutes and noticed two things:

1) the head light just barely works - (first time riding it at night so i hadn't noticed), and

2) when i pulled back up to my shop i killed it, turned around, and i was in a fog of exhaust. Smoke was just pouring out the tailpipe and continued for a few minutes after shutting it off.

So from my experience/understanding, the excess exhaust would either be from the wrong gas oil mix (I'm using 32:1), or from carbon buildup in either the cylinder head or the tailpipe, right? I cleaned the pipe pretty thoroughly when i was getting it running, but i never removed the head.

As far as the headlight, is this more commonly a bad bulb issue or a coil issue? The tail lights worked fine. The head light was defintely on, just barely visible. Help or suggestions woukd be appreciated. Thanks!

Re: Free spirit fog machine

Cleats Onionpockets /

You probably have an old buildup of gook at the exhaust port, or perhaps still lodged in the baffle. If it's barn-fresh, a smoky first few miles is perfectly normal, and it'll clear up the more you ride it. In the meantime, cut your ratio back to 50:1. The ratio printed on there is from the 70s, and oil quality has improved since then. Smokeless oils are available, I'm a fan of "G-Oil" organic smokeless, but there are many varieties out there.

If the headlight is super dim, check to make sure you are using the right bulb in there. Could be that it's been sitting this whole time with the wrong one installed because it's what the previous owner had on hand. Keep in mind, it's never going to be halogen-hella-bright, more like an aggressive flashlight at best. At least, in stock configuration. There are tweaks you can do to up the brightness, but that gets into coil retooling and rewiring.

Also make sure that none of the wires are shorting against the frame, both at the wiring harness and in the headlight housing itself.

Re: Free spirit fog machine

Probably Fred /

Run 50 to 1

Make sure the trans is not overfilled

But still if white smoke it could be trans seal bad then you could be sucking/burning trans oil

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