Leaky carb, PLEASE help

Hey everyone, I have a Batavus Starflite '78 with the Encarwi carb. After I run the engine/go for a ride when I kick the bike back up on the stand, fuel drips out onto the ground from the carb. What's weird though is sometimes it doesn't do this, and sometimes it only drips a small amount of fuel, while other times it pools fuel all over.

Any thoughts on why this is happening and how I can fix it?

I'd love the help because outside of this my bike runs like a dream....I'm tired of wasting fuel every time I'm done a ride.


Re: Leaky carb, PLEASE help

♣Slew Foot♣ /

the float seat is being obscured or float hanging up. use a qtip and some toothpaste clean the seat a dremel is awesome at this, rinse and spit, repeat.

also run some fine grit sand paper or steel wool on the needle, if the tip is messed up sharpen. pionty side up into seat BTW. the float distance from tip to float, controls the jetting upto WOT.


Re: Leaky carb, PLEASE help

oh my god! a leaky encarwi?! unheard of!

my favorite solution is to replace it with a dellorto SHA because they're cheap easy better performing and less problematic.

if you sand the needle be really careful using very fine polishing paper and polish around not down the shaft

Re: Leaky carb, PLEASE help

♣Slew Foot♣ /

just as a note it is always good practice to turn off the fuel valve when you stop. most peds are house trained and 90 out of a hundred times no problem. but they piddle on the floor occasionally.

every ped i have ever had. piddled on my floor

if you do not like it get a goldfish. on the plus side of regularly having the habit of shutting it off, 5 times i have recovered a stolen ped due to lack of knowledge of how a petcock works.

currently my minty Moby VLX has no fuel knob and needs a thin open end 7mm wrench to turn on. how many hoodrats have an open end 7 mm on them?

Re: Leaky carb, PLEASE help

yeah, I always kill the fuel when I'm done riding. I'm definitely going to take a close look at the float and see whats up but it was also recommended to me that I kill the fuel like a few minutes as I finish my ride so that the bike burns off the residual fuel in the line equally less leak or no leak due to lack of fuel. Is this a sound option?

Re: Leaky carb, PLEASE help

for the SHA what would you recommend as a performance upgrade? I heard they don't mount right up though.

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