It doesn't fit! :(

I bought a Sachs front sprocket for my 504/C. The Sprocket is 12T but the middle area isn't big enough to fit on where my sprocket is. Should I grind it down?

Re: It doesn't fit! :(

remember, anything past the stock 11T sprocket will not fit unless you grind down the case a bit!!!

Re: It doesn't fit! :(

I'm not talking about the case though. I'm talking about the inner of the sprocket. It isn't as wide as the stock and won't fit onto my ped.

Re: It doesn't fit! :(

you have to enlarge the slot then, file it?

Re: It doesn't fit! :(



Re: It doesn't fit! :(

♣Slew Foot♣ /

that's what she said, Lol

drill, grind, dremel.

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