concord running hot?

Hey peders, my moped is running way to hot 1978 concord with a minarelli. I have soldered the magneto wires and adjusted the timing to specs, any suggestions, what causes it to run so hot, also how do i find head or fuel gasget leaks? my piston ring install went flawless guys. thanks all


Re: concord running hot?

You can try spraying carb cleaner on your head and look for bubbles/getting sucked in.

Re: concord running hot?

Probably Fred /

What timing specs did you use?

You can retard timing for cooler running

Re: concord running hot?

Jack Johnson /

I have gap set to .015 at tdc,24 degrees, per repair manual. and I have tried it with the stator plate all the way to the left and then all the way to the right, seems a little cooler when I turned it to the right but it still burns up my plugs with in a few miles. I am going out to check for leaks now.

I did solder my wires on the magneto since they were all disconnected. maybe this will tell you something, but when I use my horn my lights cut out.


running but not well in Holland MI

Re: concord running hot?

Jack Johnson /

I don't see any bubbles with the carb cleaner when its runing. I wish that was the prob, I will rent a pressure gauge from auto zone this weekend to really find out, any tips using a screw on pressure gauge. vroom vroom

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