Sachs moped problem

Charles Morton /

I have a question about my sachs moped 505a all stock except carb and air cleaner carb is a bing 15 mm i have a 60 jet in their now its running at fast rpms but its running lean it looks like and it will get up to 25 mph fast but when i full throttle it bogs to 20 mph what do you think i should do.

Re: Sachs moped problem

I don't know a lot but my guess is either a bigger exhaust or smaller jet. I got more out of my sachs505a by cutting the internal muffle pipe off and drilled two bigger holes in the black insert at back of muffler.. The info is on this website search for it. try that first,and it doesn't make it much louder at all.

Re: Sachs moped problem

my guess is you need a bigger jet. you could also drill out your jet incrementally until you reach the correct size. buy yourself a set of micro hobby drill bits

Re: Sachs moped problem

upjet, i got 76 in my sachs. 15 bing with a pipe and a D but still, you ought to be bigger on the jetz

don't drill it. if you have a 15 bing you have a round bing and if you have a round bing you can buy jets so dont halfass shit and just get the right jets. i'ma guess around 64-68

Re: Sachs moped problem

♣Slew Foot♣ /

you can see if it is the pipe slowing it by removing the expansion chamber, the sachs has a tuned short pipe header. run without the expansion chamber and see, a little loud but its science dammit

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