a35 transmission

I replaced my right side crankshaft seal over the weekend, but I still have white smoke. It isn't as much as before I replaced the seal, but definitely noticeable at idle. Does it just take a while to burn out the rest of the atf or do I have to go back in and replace another seal?

Also, since messing with my transmission, there's a slight high pitched whine when accelerating. Is this something to be concerned about or an indicator that I put something back together wrong? There's no loss of power or anything so should I just quit complaining and ignore it? Thanks

Re: a35 transmission

You did something wrong, take it apart and make sure all shims are there. If you didn't put the shim back behind the clutch housing you shredded your seal, again.

Re: a35 transmission

I'm positive I put that shim back behind the clutch housing. Also it's like 1/4 the amount of smoke as before and I should add that I put on a new exhaust (tecno estoril) at the same time that I replaced the seal. I'll take it back apart and put it back together if I need to though.


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