Need help with my ridged!

So I found a ridged with a e50 out in the country but the head was disassembled. I noticed that it had only one piston ring but had notches for 2.

So I'm wondering can I still run it with just one piston and if not does anyone know what size the ring is for a stock aluminum head e50 is?

Re: Need help with my ridged!

Overpriced Parts /

Piston not head.

Some are 2 mm

I got a brand new 2 mm ring set

Re: Need help with my ridged!

Is it capable of running with just a single ring near the top of the piston

Re: Need help with my ridged!

Don't do shit have way, buy rings after measuring the piston to figure out what size rings u need and by going to . Ps The Wiki is Ur friend.

Re: Need help with my ridged!

Wiki dosent give me a size and also says some e50's were found with just a single but dosent say if the piston was designed that way or if it had notches for 2 hence why I'm asking here.

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