Dellorto sha different float sizes?

Shopping for a new float for my vespa dellorto, treats lists two sizes for the same carb? treats

I checked the wiki and did a search , but no dice

which one is the same as stock ?


Re: Dellorto sha different float sizes?

Darrell Gabbard /

ask the guys at treats how to measure what you have and order the correct float

Re: Dellorto sha different float sizes?

There is the dellorto SHA that came on tomos and old italian bikes (garelli, minarelli, morini and other things ending in "i") which is the bigger standard SHA. That's the one just about everyone has, and goes up to 16mm diameters and people put em on everything cuz they rule

then there's the thinnies. The Ciao's and Vespa mopeds came with a thinner version of the SHA which still manages to be pretty common, as common as vespa mopeds anyway, but those have a thinner profile and a smaller square float to fit.

So there it is, theres the vespa one and the regular one.

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