electrical problems

My head light is extremly dull to the point that it doesn't even illuminate the road infront of me. Can't see any pot holes at night. My tail light and brak light don't turn on at all, my milage gauge does not keep track of how many miles I've driven (the speedometer works fine) my horn works sometimes (put is very low) and the wiring in the right handle brake just came out. I have no idea what to do, please help?

Re: electrical problems

Make sure everything has good connections. If they do make sure your wires are good and not broken you can test them with an ohmmeter.

Re: electrical problems

The wires from the right brake have been pulled out. First picture of that problem and the second picture is of mystery wires that run to the cargo rack. Its a M48 75 botavus if that helps


Re: electrical problems

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

As for the brake switch wires, it doesn't matter which way you hook them up.

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