Pair of Aces

I recently came across this pair of Malaguti Commuters. A kid I know bought a house and the house came with all kinds of fun junk he didn't want to pay to haul away so he gave me these. One is for me, the other I'm going to give to my brother. They're in rough, but not terrible, shape. From what I've learned via my research (mostly here), the motors are Morini MO1. Is that correct? Also, on the blue one but not the orange one there's a plug right below the "Malaguti" lettering. I'm not a very skilled or knowledgeable moped mechanic but that seems odd to me, that it would be on one but not the other. Should I be concerned? I would appreciate any tips and advice. I somehow managed to get my hacked together Honda Express NC50 to run but the level of slowness at which it runs is embarrassing. Can I get more speed with some tuning to the Commuters? I've read that they're slow, but my Express redefines slow.


Re: Pair of Aces

The plug is probably where a hole got knocked in the transmission cover and sealed it off. Both look rough, but totally fixable.

Another thing...

No keys. I don't imagine jumpering out the wires to be too difficult, right? Right?

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