TNG Venice

I got this TNG Venice 49cc 2005 model for $50 the other day, and it has fresh gas, good gas flow to the plug, good spark, and 90 lbs of compression. Tried to start it with kickstart and the starter, nothing works. Cleaned the carb, still no go. It is a CDI and I am wondering what the symptoms of a CDI going out are? It should at least be sputtering trying to start, right? I need a manual or anything better than what i have found online so far. I found the owner manual and a body parts catalog. Any help? I know that if your crank seal(s) go out you get low compression and no gas flow or low gas flow which = no start. Could this be the problem? How do I check without specialized tools or do I need some sort of tool to accomplish this? SHOW ME.

Re: TNG Venice

Probably Fred /

Please post on Scooter Army repair or other scooter forum

They are more equipped to help you

Re: TNG Venice

Jimbo Grand Daddy /

I'd guess that your compression is too low.

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