MODDING help? reversing controls

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well my bud Julio has one arm, and i am trying to adapt the sachs i have to accomadate his disability.

since it has a footbrake, it is pretty straight forward. but i hit a snag. i re routed all the controls to the left side no problem. but when i flipped the bars to lowmanns and reversed the controls; i realized i need a different throttle, a left hand one; the acceleration twist is also reversed. its a magura with the hump.

can i rig the existing one to work right? or do i have to run it thru the launch lever ring and relocate it next to the light and choke clamps. it is getting pretty crowded there already. it still needs a mirrior and end one for it would not be a good idea, as it will be dropped a few times i imagine.

another option is running it through the thumb choke, Notice the modded clutch lever on the floor board.i also have a retainer ring that will hold the launch and choke to start it.

Julio used to be a bicycle messenger from brooklyn, if any one armed guy could do it; Julio can.

So any ideas, recomendations, dissertations?


Re: MODDING help? reversing controls

Get a lefty twist shift, remove the detent for the gear stops and you are off to the races. The twisty shifts have cable entries for push and pull. If there is not enough rotation then there is a limit stop you can modify.

One like this... when it is back in stock...

Re: MODDING help? reversing controls

♣Slew Foot♣ /

i was riding it all day today with it backwards it's semantics once you run a bit with it. it is easy.

altho really cool looking like lowman's bars, and it gives a 3 mph increase due to full tuck, i have to reset them higher for my back's sake.

i really think the mighty julio is afraid of it....

Re: MODDING help? reversing controls

Many bikes way back in the day used to be left throttle and right grip for magneto advance, huge bore 4 strokes with low compression used to need very slight advance to get going but a lot if it was going to rev above 1k.

Re: MODDING help? reversing controls

a lot of jap bikes had throttles that had 2 cables 1 to open and 1 to pull shut. and they used 7/8 bars.

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