Tomos lx carb

Tal Reznikov /

So im getting a new carb for my tomos a35.

this is what i hve been looking at

3 questions

DO i have to have oil injection?

is the air filter it comes with any good

do i need a new intake?

Re: Tomos lx carb

No, you don't have to have oil injection, you can simply cap off the injection fitting on the carb. Or you could get the version from treats without the injection fitting, which is the same price. The stock wire mesh filters are better than nothing, they are the same type that came on early a35's. For best results you really want the intake to be similar sized since you won't really get the full benefit of a 15mm carburetor if the engine has to flow through a 12mm intake.

Re: Tomos lx carb

Tal Reznikov /

Can you recommend an intake for me?

i am new to this whole thing, i managed to seize my old kit, and i dont wanna get it wrong again

Re: Tomos lx carb

I have that exact carb on my ped. Pair it with a #63 jet, K&N hi-flow filter, and a Homoet Pipe, and your bike will scream!

Re: Tomos lx carb

Tal Reznikov /

I have a kit, tecno circuit pipe, and im still shopping for an air filter

Re: Tomos lx carb

PS my air-filter is kinda big, and causes a tight squeeze as the rim of the filter sits right next to the engine mount bolt. You might need some maneuvering to get it on, but with patience it will fit. Only saying since, I've seen a few times on here, where people advised to get a new intake. If you have the extra $$, go for it. If not, you can totally live without it.

Also, you should really factor your pipe into the equation when it comes to how much air you're going to be pulling into the carb. I'm a bit of a noob, but I'm sure someone on here will chime in with some proper advice.

Re: Tomos lx carb

Tal Reznikov /

i hope they do.

This is what im gonna be running

That carb with a 68 jet

The 77 70cc race kit from 1977

70cc high comp head

techno circuit exhaust

28 tooth front 22 tooth (stock) back gears

and a few other aesthetic and electrical mods

(take a look at my profile pic)

Re: Tomos lx carb

If your upgrading get the 16mm version of that carb it's the Same thing just bigger and get this intake if you have the money it's worth it and yeah those Homoet pipes totally rip.

Re: Tomos lx carb

Also get rid of your oil injection and never ever forget to mix oil in your fuel you could prob get away with 50/1 mix if you got a stock cylinder Ive got kited bikes and I use 40/1 but I use to do 40/1 with my stock bike also it's safe.

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