2011 Tomos horn

So the horn stopped working. This tomos , along with other new tomos bikes, as per the owner of Myron's mopeds has a electrical device that looks like a small rubberized cylinder maybe 1.5 " in height. The brown ground and the grey power from the horn button are plugged into this and exiting the device are two blue wires of the same hue that go to the horn. Now the Myron's guy doesn't actually know what it does just that it has appeared with all the new bikes! Bypassing it doesn't fix the horn but interestingly enough whereas the gray does become hot when the button is pushed , with this defective horn , neither blue lead exiting the rubberized cylinder become energized. I simply have ordered an aftermarket horn which I expect to solve the no horn condition.

Can anyone explain the cylinders design and function? Is it some kind of transformer?

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