Puch Maxi headlight not working

Hey Moped Army. I bought a NOS dome headlight for my 77' Bombardier Puch Maxi, tried to connect it and it doesn't work. Then I tried to connect my old headlight, now that doesn't work. I'm fairly certain it's not the bulbs and all other electrical works. I checked the wiring, and it was wired slightly different by the previous owner I assume, so I moved everything around following the wiring diagram to the T. Any ideas anyone? Is it possible that this could be screwing with my ignition? It started backfiring and stalling since I've been having trouble with the headlight.

Please help...

Re: Puch Maxi headlight not working

"Just jiggle tha' Cord!"

Re: Puch Maxi headlight not working

Are you running a switch with it, or is it hardwired to be on all the time?

Other than that, are you sure it's grounding? Some headlights ground through the mounts, and some have a ground wire.

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