express stator conversion?

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I am working on getting a yellow 1978 Honda Express up and running.

Can a Hobbit CDI replace my Express point style igniton? Has anyone ever tried? They look so similar. Even the flywheel cover looks the same.

Reason for asking is that it is nearly impossible to find an affordable stock ignition coil with a built in condenser (mine tested bad) for under 60$ or it is sold out everywhere else. Cleaned up the points and think they are bad too.

1977 offers a new hobbit cdi for 90$ but Chris was has never heard of it being swapped into an express. It looks like everything would still fit under the seat pan.

honda cdi from 1997

Wiki says the 1981 model Express was the first year they ran them with a CDI. It seems like a lot of people might be having trouble replacing the discontinued stock condenser and coil; this "update" could be effective.

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Re: express stator conversion?

You can swap the points for CDI on the express' so iam sure the hobbit stuff is the same.The only thing that sucks is you won't be able to adjust your timing anymore unless you notch out the hole that mount the stator.I've never personally swapped these but I know its pretty simple.I have an 81 and 78 nc50 and I was actually going to swap the 81 to points.I have a bunch of coils with condensors but I havn't tested any of them and not sure what they'd be worth

Re: express stator conversion?

Then don't get one with a built in condenser. Get a used one and use an external condenser like most other mopeds....

Or replace your with an external.

BUT yes, from my research, the CDI fits and all you need is the CDI box. You won't need the coil, flywheel plate, or the flywheel as they are the same. Look at treatland and that will tell you more. They have these for cheaper but never seem to come into stock!

Re: express stator conversion?

I just ordered a universal coil and a condensor from motorcycle superstore for my hobbit that doesn't have spark. It was 26 bucks including shipping.. That's my solution that I hope works.

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