pedals & dieing

Just got my batavus m48 1975 on the road. Running descent but I got 2 problems. The left peddle is snap at the pedal crank (the bar that goes through and connects both pedals) I tried brazing it the braze didn't hold I tried mig weldingit when that didn't hold I relized its hardened steal. Any ideas? I can't find the part on mopedjunkyard or ebay. So since it only has one pedal I've been pop starting it (running down a hill) but most times when I brake to a full stop the engine putters out or if I'm sitting at a red light it dies too. Is this normal? Should I be reving it when idling? suggestions?

Re: pedals & dieing

Try the buy sell fourm? If you can't find a stock crank almost any other will likely fit with some spacing and shims. Puch or jawa also use cranks through the frame. Your stalling issue is likely a carb problem, if you turn the idle adjust screw does it improve?

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