Suzuki FA50 Charging System

So I ran my baby with out a battery (simple ignorance on my part) and burnt up my charging system. Apparently the battery acts as a regulator... oops!

A battery works for a few hours (I have to plan ahead if I'm riding at night), and then I have to charge it out of the bike. No big deal but very annoying.

Any ideas specifically which parts of the electrical system need to be replaced to get it charging in bike again?

Thanks, all!! (Been lurking around here for a while and finally joined!)

Re: Suzuki FA50 Charging System

I think you have a bad battery. '82 and later Fa50's came a regulator in the electrical system. It could be possible the regulator went south but I doubt it. (I ran one for well over a year without a battery and it charges just fine now that I installed one.) Get a multimeter and see what the bike's output is while it's running. That will tell you.

Re: Suzuki FA50 Charging System

Caitlyn Eakins /

I have tried 2 brand new batteries. Both hold a charge.

I took it to the battery shop and the guys there tested my system. There is no output.

It was charging just okay about a month ago (battery was half dry - didn't realize I could just refill it till later), but anyways I drove it for two days with out a battery while charging a fresh one, and now it won't charge while in the bike at all.

I do know that when I went in for a new battery, the guy that installed it changed the connectors for a more common battery type (still 6V wet), but I didn't think that would be the cause. It worked for a couple hours after he installed it, but was dead again by morning, so I took it back to the shop and that's when they hooked up the multimeter and it was reading a big fat 0.

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