Tomos 2011 st

Two issues with this moped for my son in college. The horn button intermittantly works. I looked at Myron's mopeds diagram but I have two blue wires that seem to issue from a plastic cylinder attached next to the horn. So I don't see the colors that the wiring diagram depicts. Is there any simple way to test the horn button that is incorporated into the tbs handle. I did take both side panels off of late. Once to place a new turn signal relay and the other side to change the tranny fluid. Any thoughts.

Second the speedo is all hooked up and works for a bit and then stops giving information. If you tug on the cable sometimes this works to revive its function temporarily.

Re: Tomos 2011 st

check to make sure the terminals on the horn arent grounded anywhere. For the speedo, that just happens. Make sure both connections are tight (one on the wheel and the one at the speedo) If anything, just replace the speedo cable.

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