Motomatic Destroyer Mount Needs Welding - San Francisco

Andy Pabstalaniec /

Can anyone have a look at this and tell me whether this will be a simple or tough job? I just picked up this Magnum yesterday and I (dammit) missed this on my check of the bike. Other than that the bike seems tops and I'm sure PO didn't even know about it.

You can see given there are two mounting points for the pipe, that this is probably one of the weak spots. Just a matter of time, and I'm sure this pipe was blasted on for a long time. Hopefully, given this is a point of stress, a weld job will hold and not just break in a short time.

Anyways, it's a Motomatic Destroyer, and it's not broken all the way through, just cracked. Can anyone in SF give me an idea of where I could take this to have it repaired? Do any of you do welding and would you be willing to help me out (I'll pay for the trouble).

Perhaps Motomatic has a lifetime service guarantee on their pipes? :) haha.

Thanks dudes.

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