Flat tire mystery

Jerry Franek /

So I've had three flats on the rear of the Derbi the past year. Each time the inner tube is still good, no leaks. I've filled the tube and checked it in a tub of water, left it sit overnight, no leakdown. Three times. What's causing the tube to lose air? A leaking schrader valve in the stem only occurring when riding?

This time I put on a 3" tube ($14.50!) which seems beefy enough to ride on without a tire.


Re: Flat tire mystery

Jeff Woodin /

Maybe someone is messing with you...

Re: Flat tire mystery

John Warren IhazJawas /

Jeff Woodin Wrote:


> Maybe someone is messing with you...

^ or check that the caps dont have anything in them i hada a cap with a piece of lint from being in my pocket deflate my tire, also maybe its a bad valve stem

Re: Flat tire mystery

Jerry Franek /

Thanks for your ideas. I'm sure I'm not getting messed with, other bikes are fine. Bad valve stem/valve shouldn't hold air when inflated without tire though.http://www.flickr.com/photos/10220671@N04/sets/72157630282824058/

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