1981 JAWA X30 Carb Gaskets

Im in the process of reviving a Jawa X30 from the grave. i got it for 100 bucks with 30 miles on it. it was in a guys basement for 20 some years. So as i was tearing apart the carb i destroyed the float bowl gasket. i know i can make a new one but im not sure how thick the gasket should be. does anyone know how i could find out how thick all the gaskets should be on my ped. thanks

Re: 1981 JAWA X30 Carb Gaskets

Vlado vlado /

get a sheet of gas resistant gasket material from auto store- the original gasket is about 1mm or slightly less, not too much important...

Re: 1981 JAWA X30 Carb Gaskets

Josiah Engstrom /

Awesome. thanks man

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