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I am placing an order tomorrow for a new rear tire/tubes for my moped. I was given one thats almost new for the front so I only need to purchase the back. The front one that I was given is for street only(which is the only place I ride it anyway). The rear one I want to order is a "Dual Sport" for street and trails. Its significantly cheaper than buying an all street one. Is that ok or do I need to have the same types of tires(street only) on the front and back? If it wont make a difference, great. if its a small difference, no worries. If I am going to screw something up-never mind.


Re: New Tire Question

Patrick Keaton /

All tires that are the same size, may not be created equal. They can be labeled on the tire as the size you want , but may not fit once installed. The safe thing to do, is get a replacement the same as what is on there now, or take a chance with another tire brand.A Safe brand for me have been Cheng Shin.

Re: New Tire Question

Jason Sullivan /

Thanks for the quick reply.

the rear one it is replacing is 30 years old and you cant read the make anymore , plus I believe its original to the moped so I cant replace with the same brand. As far as brand that is the brand I plan on buying but what I am wondering about is the tread. Does the tread type on the front and back need to match? The rear would be a dual sport(kind of knobby) the front is smooth with wavy lines through it. (edited)

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