How to start a moby w/no decomp

So I got a moby with a highcomp head on it with no decomp. I'm a puch guy not great with mobys. But I re wired the bike. It didn't spark before now I cant see spark but it will shock me. So ive concluded that since there's no center stand and no decomp that I'm not spinning the flywheel fast enough to get a visable spark.

Any tips on starting a moby without a decomp. It's a 50v all new ignition components 6v system. (edited)

Re: How to start a moby w/no decomp

Take the belt off and spin it with a 3/8 adapter in a drill and check for spark - no crisp bright blue spark means no start.

If you have bright blue spark, the engine is tight and the timing is set correctly just run with the bike and she should start.

Re: How to start a moby w/no decomp

Place on stand, pedal like hell! Or pedal down a hill, I tried it on mine just to see if I could, hard but doable. On the other hand have never touched the de-comp on Honda, fires right off. Hmmm. I do NOT recomend running with bike, if it catches and takes off it can roll the throttle open in your hand, then your bike is gone baby gone, with no rider, this can be bad if people or property are in the way. Please don't ask for the story of why I know this...epic fail on my part. :(

Re: How to start a moby w/no decomp

Ok just re read, no stand....unless you have a huge pipe that prevents you from having one, get one. Otherwise pedal it downhill like a madman. When an AV7 is sealed they are tight! Make sure ignition is Rebel said a drill can be used but this is best done as a two person operation, and you need a stand. Or a crate or something to put bike on, unless a racing machine this is not practical.

Re: How to start a moby w/no decomp

Thats why I put take the belt off - right now there is no spark or maybe no spark or ???

Dont know why people dont run any stand, even a kick stand so you can tilt it to one side and use a single pedal as a kicker should start a bike.

Re: How to start a moby w/no decomp


Starting your hobbit without decomp is hard on the pedal shaft, I've heard of quite a few of them failing ( including mine ). $50

@ Reb

Not sure, but I think not having a stand

is somehow cool.

Re: How to start a moby w/no decomp

i got a side pedal on it. the bike came to me cause someone bought it was in over their head and just wanted a running moped so i built her a nice little maxi for the moby and a bit of cash good deal for both. but i would have built it differently. it has a side kick stand and i will try to lean it once i know its set up correctly. Im gonna try the drill out today. I build puchs and have never tackled a french bike. Guess its time to learn.

Re: How to start a moby w/no decomp

Good to know some background on it - if you can feel but not see the spark then it is the condenser you need to change out and give the points a goodly cleaning. Plug out and no belt you should be able to spin it with your hand and see n hear the nice blue snappy spark.

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