Fuel and air intake

Hi im need of help ive got a piaggio nrg mc3 aircooled moped insured for 550 but yet ive only ridden it 6-7 times due to an ongoing problem. Basically my carburator keeps getting blocked so i clean it etc and it works again but this problem persists to carry on . The i take action and aquire a new fuel filter new filter in the tank and i have cleaned the fuel tank. After all this it still happens .could it be to do with the air intake and what i should do to fix it,or is it something else

I hope some one can help and if they do i will be soo happy



Re: Fuel and air intake

SkUG SkUGosarus /

Hello from the UK,

First things first you do not own a moped, you own a scooter.

How did you clean your tank out? sounds like there is crud in the tank/carb/petcock still - try again

Do you have oil injection? its probably not working... or maybe you have stale fuel as its not being used very often? try draining all the fuel/oil and clean again and clean the carb too, then try premix (i'm assuming its two stroke? - who knows with these fandangles (toilet seat) scooters...

I'd suggest a scooter forum for advice on such matters

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