useful lifetime of a stock 1975 puch cyl,piston,rings ??

How long can these things go? Mine has almost 5,700 on it with good compression. No heavy markings on the walls.....I've been told 8 or so is possible. Anyone got any big miles on a stock non iron jug ?

Person in same group of people stated 10,to 15k under the right conditions.

But i have some doubts about that....on a plated surface? wear is wear and 10k miles is one hell of a lot of cycles. Something has got to give up, pin bushing by then at least or even way before that.

I would think most would just be tired of being slow by then and rebuild.

Never having hit the service life end. But, you never know.

Re: useful lifetime of a stock 1975 puch cyl,piston,rings ??

Probably Fred /

I got 12,000 out of za50 maxi with a hi torque top end .

The cylinder, rings and the bottom end were fine but the piston at the pin was worn and clunked bad at idle.

I put a used piston in it , a crank bushing and sold it to a woman who used it at campgrounds for many years

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