Massive blow of rings. Exhaust porting mess ups......

Been working on my 505/1a for a while and tried to port the exhaust with gains up to 37mph but what sounded like fourstroking madness, been riding it alot too.

I decidedz to think to myself and I figured I could port the dang exhaust to allow it to breathe better. so I ported it some more and made myself feel really good.

hmm, after inspection of the cylinder what do I see?

Part of my cylinder wall is completely black!

- massive ring blowby!

but, sadly yet, I still ported before I noticed this.

lost 3 mph out of my top end and fourstroking worst than before.

- which is blowby

gained in my mid, damn thing only does 34mph now.... gah.

Should I use another cylinder with a different piston and rings?

I opened my intake to 15.75mm. I have a 15mm carb.

all this doesn't matter if my rings are shot....

if the rings weren't doing that, my bike would be alot faster.

37 was stock cylinder!!!

::happy dancing::

If I got rings for it, it would be hitting about 40 I know it....

<3 you little moped.


Re: Massive blow of rings. Exhaust porting mess ups......

it wasn't fourstroking!!

:: Happy Dance ::

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