No spark but I got a light

Hey - I have a 79 Puch Maxi. Compression is good, fuel flows fine, but spark seems non-existant. When I pull the clutch in and spin the petals the horn works, the light works, etc. But if I pull the plug and ground it to the frame I dont see a spark (have replaced the plug two times). I even went as far as holding the plug in my hand to see if I get shocked, and nothing....

What should I try next to get this running?



Re: No spark but I got a light

dwayne harbeson /

Go here and then,goto page113 for trouble shooting, bad switch most likely...hope it works for you good luck.

Re: No spark but I got a light

you can have lights but no spark, they are run off of different coils.

Re: No spark but I got a light

Patrick Keaton /

File the breaker points with an emory board finger nail file. Look at the breaker points when done with bright light to see you did a good job, and make sure that the breaker points are clean.

Re: No spark but I got a light

♣Slew Foot♣ /

the horn switch bypassed right and brake sensors off?

Re: No spark but I got a light

Bill Birkholz /

Thanks for the info guys.... I filed the points, but no sucess. I also took the held the spark plug in my hand and turned the motor over just to make sure it was not getting any juice. I got no shock.

I was thinking of replacing the coil next.

Any feedback if there is another logical next step I am omitting?

Thanks guys!


Re: No spark but I got a light

multimeter on the wire feeding from the stator to the HT coil.

you should be seeing voltage spikes (firing)

if not, something is grounding spark, points, kill, horn, condensor.

ohming that wire with the points open, expect 1 - 2 ohms (stator coil resistance).

points closed, should be close to 0 ohms to case ground.

Re: No spark but I got a light

Michael Thomas /

Check for loose connections with the coil and plug wire. Many times the plug wire works itself loose and is sitting in the boot but not connected. Also check the connections on the coil.

Re: No spark but I got a light

phillip stinger /

got this same problem with a tomos figured it might be condenser im gonna swap out for a cdi ignition

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