doing some work on a recent buy

I'm in the middle part of doing work on a 1975 batavus m48 I got dirt cheap (traded a coffee table for it) it runs fine just about to put new belt on it, putting a long seat on it paint job. Two questions. One, the previous owner lost the key to the steering lock. How hard are these to replace, should I even bother if I have a really good lock on the frame to an indestructable object? Two, has anyone put passenger pegs on their moped? considering some back roads beach runs with a pretty girl on the back (part of the reason I'm putting on the longer seat, original seat it slightly damged too) but would want to put pegs on it so the can rest their feet. I'm inserting a picture of when I got it from the old owner. Any suggestions?


Re: doing some work on a recent buy

Patrick Keaton /

I will answer these questions, if the purple stays.Call every lock smith in the phone book and get prices to make a key. You might get the locksmith to make a key for as little as $10, if not, demand a little off of there price.You must have, even with a fork lock, a really good lock on the frame.There have been street signs cut down, so do not use them.You may put passenger pegs on your moped, but if you put over 150 pound on that you will not go that fast. Find some fat person, or get two people of average weight and put them on the moped, and watch how slow they go for your on eyes. You should sell and/or trade this moped, and get another moped that is able to carry more weight. A Tomos,Vespa,Trac,PuchMagnum are all mopeds that should serve you better to carry a passenger.

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