Puch Maxi bogs down, poor acceleration, help!

I have a 1978 Puch Maxi that I can get to start, first kick every time, that seems to idle ok but has the worst low end acceleration ever. It's able to pick up speed (probably not as much as it should) but is extremely slow to take off. It will bog down going up a small hill until it eventually dies. I've cleaned the carb to the best of my knowledge, I used a single wire from a wire brush that I've ran through the jet and I've checked the banjo. The carb itself is practically spotless. There is a small leak where the muffler connects to the rest of the exhaust but I have put a new pipe on (that doesn't leak) and it hasn't made any difference at all. I'm trying to find a compression gauge to check my compression, but I'm not sure what else to do.

Could it be air leaks? or could the jet be sized wrong causing it to accelerate poorly?

Any suggestions would be helpful,


Re: Puch Maxi bogs down, poor acceleration, help!

Probably Fred /

A clutch tuning with thick springs will help but the best improvement would be a aftermarket pipe that has a expandsion chamber. Add a metal mesh filter up jet a few sizes and bam a bike has good take off, takes hills and can hit 35mph

Now if you have a 1 hp cylinder or have bad compression you got to get a good

2 hp top end

Re: Puch Maxi bogs down, poor acceleration, help!

Anthony Heubel /


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