Wiring a Lazer (minarelli V1)


I searched and found some simple diagrams for home wiring, on this site mostly.

Red ignition, also kill to ground, blue to ground, black to lighting.

Ok...so the output for everything is AC of per the V1 manual.......

Run the black straight out to the hot lead on the light, make sure the light is grounded and it will light?!?

Or is there a rectifier that needs to be in there somewhere? Ive been told my Lazer never had a battery but the General 5 star manual says that it did. (can't find a LAZER manual---minarelli V1 manual yes, general 5 star manual yes, but not one specific to the LAZER sport 50.)

I have an old Kawasaki 2 stroke that I wired from the ground up, I know how to run DC circuits, did my boat, alarm systems, etc...but does a moped's lighting run on AC?!?

The damn thing is I dont have the real headlamp for it...I found a small halogen that burns bright on 6 volts (DC anyway) and installed it into a headlamp glass/bezel that I had laying around. (Ive been testing everything with my Labvolt set at 6 volts so far, but thats DC)

I guess I could get a rectifier and put it inline, maybe a large capacitor as well or am I making it too difficult?

I am trying to have this thing ready (among other things) for a trip at the beginning of July to a beach town.....no renting a scooter for me thank you.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions! (edited)

Re: Wiring a Lazer (minarelli V1)

Darrell Gabbard /

are you just going to run the head light or are you going to run the tail light also. the brake circuit runs off the blue wire cuz the brake switchs are normally grounded when not in use, hence ignition ground. now i dont know what your color code for wiring is but thats why you have too trace the wires backwards from the lights to the source of power on mopeds cuz there are no standards

Re: Wiring a Lazer (minarelli V1)

Theres nothing to trace, there are no wires on the frame. Ive got two wires hanging out of the tail light, two hanging off the horn, the two I wired to the headlight. From the light/horn switch there are a set of two, and a set of three hanging there. Nothing connecting any of them.

I did read the basic electrical guide posted on this site, and it seems that some mopeds do use AC for the lights.

Blue, black and red are the wires, as the manual states, red ignition, blue ignition ground, black lighting

SO the ignition ground is the ground that everything should use? Then I should ground this to the frame right?

ALl my troubleshooting and testing with DC does me no good at all. Im waiting on rings to get here from Greece for god sake because I could not find a set of 37.8 mm rings to save my life. Point is, trouble shooting and connecting will probably have to wait until I get the rings so I can run the bike.

Re: Wiring a Lazer (minarelli V1)

You are correct.

Red: ignition and kill switch

Blue: ground it

Black: for lights

other than that you do NOT need a rectifier if your using your stock lights. You would only need that for LED lights. Normal tungsten light bulbs don't care if the current is AC or DC since current can flow through them in both directions. I would also recommend that you run ground wires for your headlight and tail-light back to closer to the engine.

good luck


Re: Wiring a Lazer (minarelli V1)


I could not believe it! I took a nap after the last post, I woke up, and Saturday mail delivery brought the rings AND my new fan shroud!

I am nervous about the rings, I broke the last set I tried. Embarrassing for me, since I've been working on motorcycles for 25 years or so! I've never up and broke a set..these were so small though, and the angle was weird, trying to slide the barrel on with the piston already on the rod. I couldn't see them well so this time I am gonna do it with the jug sitting in my lap, and then put the wrist pin in after. I have a ring compressor, but it doesnt go that small!

Aron, thanks for the idea...I could run all the grounds all the way to where I get the blue wire grounded...got plenty of wire.

Re: Wiring a Lazer (minarelli V1)

I should add about the rings, they are 37.9mm and I needed 37.8, I filed the ends to make the ring gap correct, but the first time I neglected to then also make the notches that wrap around the aligner pins larger so I think in retrospect, thats why they broke. This time, I took a dremel and made those notches a bit larger, should help the rings seat in all the way.

Re: Wiring a Lazer (minarelli V1)

Darrell Gabbard /

your light coil is 6 volts and the windings on the mag coil make it 12 volts its just that the ignition circuit shares the same coil as the brake circuit. when the brakes are not applied then you have your ignition ground because electricity takes the path of least resistance. when you pull the brake lever then the shared circuit comes into effect splitting the load to 6 volts each. however there seams to be a voltage spike initally when you pull the lever and thats why behind inside the tail light housing theres a ceramic resistor hooked up in parallel around the brake lamp tp prevent the 6v 10watt bulb from blowing. i run a 12 volt 1156 in there and have never had a problem blowing the brake light any more. lol. I also put the 6v 10watt bulb in my tail light and i can ride wot and no longer blow the head or speedo light anymore either.

Re: Wiring a Lazer (minarelli V1)

Darrell Gabbard /

if you wish to run 12 volts all the way around then take out that little light coil and buy a new 12v mag coil and run your hd head light and led lights and have fun

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