Tool kit under $75

Christian Levi /

Hey all,

I want to buy a basic tool kit to begin working on my first bike. What would you guys buy? I went on amazon and searched Motorcycle Tool Kit and found mostly tool kits that look like they're for throwing in your bike to fix things in emergencies... anyone have any better suggestions that has everything all in one place? I found this in the wiki so it's all there, I just figure someone might know of a set that has everything compiled, has tools that aren't so small you think they're made to work on eyeglasses, and is of halfway decent quality. Suggestions welcome!

Thanks!!! DKTKD

Re: Tool kit under $75

Luke “Funkenet” Hosfield /

Better to just buy what you need then pick up more tools when you find you need them. You'll never find a decent kit for under $75.

Re: Tool kit under $75

Probably Fred /

Puch stuff like a flywheel puller. metric wrenches/sockets ,

Timing light, plug wrench, feeler gauges, spanner wrenches for wheels, cable cutters, spoke wrench, flywheel holder, circlip pliers, Etc.

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