Carb Suggestions

Having a hell of a time tuning my magnum, I've got a kstar 70cc, case matched, a boss pipe, and a 16mm del carb. I've jetted from low 70's to mid 80's and filed/drilled the slide to no avail. It starts fine and idles but once the engine gets hot it doesn't want to idle. I've check for airleaks via the carb cleaner method and it doesn't faze the machine.

The last straw was Thursday, I was riding it into work and it died at a stop light (because of the no idle) tried to restart it and it wouldn't start, put in a fresh plug and everything, so I didn't get to go to work that day!

Anyway what my question is, since I know the 16mm del isn't the best match for my set up or any setup it seems, is what carb should I get that would be a better fit?

I'm thinking phbg would probably be my best bet, but any idea on mm size? (edited)

Re: Carb Suggestions

Probably Fred /

14mm bing/intake ,72 jet, metal mesh filter ,

Man I did maybe close to a dozen of the 70cc 14mm bing combos.

I get near 50 mph out of them .

Such a good set up

Re: Carb Suggestions

-p0tty - /

didnt I trade you all my bing shit for that fucking intake?

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