a35 no spark

I have a 93 tomos sprint that died on me the other day. It has no spark. I checked the points gap and also sanded them a bit to make sure they make good contact. How many volts should i be getting when i kick the bike from the black wire? The lighting coil is working, when i kick my lights come on. Also i am getting power up to the coil and it seems that im getting power out of my plug. But it wont spark. If i run a jumper from the plug wire output on the coil and run it to the frame i have a very week spark. I have tried many plug wires for other tomos mopeds that i had, and i know they work. Any ideas or suggestions? Im thinking the coil or magneto assembly is bad. Also all my grounds are good.

Re: a35 no spark

sounds like the coil is going bad to me if your other electricals work

Re: a35 no spark

Dewey Ballinger /

I had another coil, i tried it with no change. But im not sure if that coil is good. Can i try a cdi coil? I have a running cdi tomos.

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