Tomos A35 1st Gear Clutch Pins... FUBAR?

I started up a Tomos Targa LX craigslist find, and immediately hear the most disturbing metal-on-metal noise ever.

I popped off the clutch cover and found the source: It looks like the three metal pins that hold the clutch in place had started to come out towards the cover. I took out the clutch, pushed the pins back in, and filed down the metal carnage as best I could.

Here are pics:

clutch (note the areas filed down where the pins "widened" their holes)

cover (clearly the Craigslist seller ran this thing a while with the pins out)

My question to you is: This is my first Tomos, is the clutch now FUBAR? Is the wear in the clutch cover going to create problems?

Also, the whole transmission is covered in tiny metal fragments suspended in ATF, nice and sparkly! Problem? (edited)

Re: Tomos A35 1st Gear Clutch Pins... FUBAR?

Clutch is FUBAR. Tranny cover is fine though. Get a new first gear clutch. That one is not savable.

Re: Tomos A35 1st Gear Clutch Pins... FUBAR?

Also flush out all those gears and case cause most likly there's gonna be a a big enough size peace of metal in there to run through your gears at some point and cause a lot more problems for you. You could just use carb cleaner or something totally flush it out and let it dry, witch doesn't take long at all.

Re: Tomos A35 1st Gear Clutch Pins... FUBAR?

The center of the pin is machined down to a smaller diameter, this part fits into the slotted center clutch hub. If they are able to slid out something is seriously worn. The friction material on the other hand doesnt look like it has too many miles on it, which is odd. Maybe somebody put new shoes onto a well used hub?

Re: Tomos A35 1st Gear Clutch Pins... FUBAR?

Thanks for the info guys.

Yeah the material is not too worn at all, but the clutch as a whole is pretty bad condition. I put the pins back in flush and tried running it. It worked for a few minutes but went back to making metal-on-metal noise at idle.

In other news, I'm in the market for a used A35 first gear clutch!

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