pa 50 decompression thing

I don't have a cable for it yet. I wired pretty much everything up correctly i believe. If and that's a big if all other systems were in running order will the bike start without the decompression cable. Someone please explain exactly what it does. when i pedal the lights go on so lets for a moment assume there is spark( not necessarily so).

Re: pa 50 decompression thing

it will start without it. lots of people disconnect them or plug the hole where the valve goes because they can leak. i never use the one on my hobbit or 103. it might take a little more effort to start. It just makes it easier to get momentum because it reduces engine compression. but make sure its not loose or leaky. if you dont understand compression you can find some good info in the wiki. a well tuned pa50 will still start easy without the valve hooked up. working lights are a good sign but it doesnt mean you have spark. check the wiki for how to check for spark.

Re: pa 50 decompression thing

Marc Friedman /

Thank you for the clear response.

Re: pa 50 decompression thing

Yep, cable is unnecessary. The right side of the handlebars has the thumb button. That cable goes down to the cylinder head. That has what looks like a valve in a car / 4stroke motor with the stem poking out of the head.

That assembly is on a spring that pulls the valve shut. The decompression thumb lever will pull the valve spring the opposite way, allowing the 'car valve' to let some of the combustion bleed off into the atmosphere.

as for the wires, they are color for color. Hopefully it wasn't too bad. It will get better. The first time took me probably a half hour, now its minutes.

Is your carburetor clean then? gas tank rust free?

after you get it running adjust the belt tension too.

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