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So I have this General 5 star, and there are these lose wires. As you can see in the pic. The red Wire on the right and the green wire on the left both go to the battery. That leaves me with a white wire and a red wire with duct tape on it on the left. The red wire has a black plastic screw head on it with a piece ot metal coming out, the white wire just has a regular connector. I have no idea what these two wire are. Can anyone help me? and can these wires somehow be the reason I cant get a spark?


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I think there are those that might have the wiring diagram you require. Perhaps some will post a link? Anyway, best of luck and never give up! ~ Rob

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♣Slew Foot♣ /

this is for the sachs motor.

i imagine, since i never had one with a V1.

that the electricals are either the same or really simular.


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Matt Thurber /

Thanks for the diagrams, I will try to decipher this tonight. Its like a foreign language to me. If anyone happens to know what these particular wires are for by looking at them, please let me know.

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The problrm with wiring is the littlest of uncture could be grounding any wire out. If you have the means i would recogmend finding the wires that go from your flywheel to your coil to your plug. Disconnect all the others and insulate them with electrical tape. If you still dont get a spark then you might be grounding out or 1 of the 3 imoprtant pieces arent working, plug, coil, flywheel. If you DO get a spark then on of your other wires or accessories are taking too much current and causing insufficiant spark.

If your blinkers arent important you can always hardwire it.

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Matt Thurber /

This diagram doesnt seem right to me. Is there no place with a diagram for a 5 star with a top tank, minarelli engine?

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Matt Thurber /

I think I am going to remove the blinkers on this. They are all busted anyway. Can I do that without effecting all the other electrical?

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♣Slew Foot♣ /

the flywheel what does it say

bosch then a volts /watts

or cev or ducati....

it really just matters on how its wired

top tanks are nearly identical except the tank.

i think it was willD that explained it best when into the wiring of generals.

So there's actually a few different ways they wired those bike, but typically the orange is actually brown and is your ground, black/red is for the brakelight and the white is actually gray and is the taillight.

Yellow is lighting power out of the engine and runs up thru a terminal behind the headlight and goes to the lightswitch on the bars, then that splits to a red wire which goes to the headlight and a gray (you called white) going back to the taillight. sounds like those are all good if your lights are going. The headlight and taillight are both powered off the lighting coil which outputs on the yellow wire from the engine, and the power is dependent on engine RPM since theres no battery and it's normal that they dim at idle. perhaps your bulbs wattage is too high if they're excessively dim.

The brakelight works with an idiotic piece of crap mechanism where it's powered off of the ignition coil. a red/black wire comes out of the engine, and splits, one wire going back to the brake light, and another going through the coasterbrake switch (comes out green) then the green wire goes up to the headlight terminal and to the handbrake switch, and then comes out as a brown wire to ground. the switches are normally closed circuit in the relaxed position, when you pull either switch the circuit opens and the power out of the black/red wire is then grounded through the brakelight - and it lights up.

The retarded thing is if any of the voltages or wattages or anything in the brakelight system is off, then it won't ground right and because it's off the ignition coil, it can kill the bike. WTF.

Anyways you can replace the handbrake switch with another standard open in relaxed style switch from treats and run it parallel off the headlight wire, then just ground the red/black from the engine.

now that you got the full story, here's the short answer:

from bike to new light

Red/black - stoplight - blue

Gray (white) - taillight - yellow

Brown (orange) - ground - green

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