No idle speed on my Peugeot 102?

I have a Peugeot 102 and i didn't have idle speed.

I clean the carburetor, it was not very dirty, i check the the compression cold i have 145Psi and the exhaust is very clean.

The moped start very easy, the idle screw it screw at the max and i didn't have a idle, i need to keep the gas to keep the motor run.

Something i forget to check?

Thank's (edited)

Re: No idle speed on my Peugeot 102?

Is there a decompression valve on a 102? the valve on my 103 likes to come loose and when it does it maintains enough compression to run but wont idle.

Re: No idle speed on my Peugeot 102?

Alain L. /

I check and it's ok.

Is it possible is the timming?

I clean again the carburetor, clean all the gaz tank, the fuel valve and the sparkplug. It start very easy but no idle again...?

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