Tail lights not working

Two maxi's, both tail lights not working. One of them the light is very dim even at speed, the other no light at all. Brake lights not working either. Is there an easy trace for this or way to fix it? Head light works on both, no horns, but horn wires connected together.

Just found out last night they weren't working, usually don't ride at night.

Any ideas?

Re: Tail lights not working

Probably Fred /

Start by changing bulbs cleaning sockets ect

Re: Tail lights not working

Michael Peditto /

Already been that route there Ken. Wouldn't post without covering the easy things first.

Re: Tail lights not working

Probably Fred /

Well the tail light wires are easy to trace

Just 2 to the wiring block/buss. The fender is the ground and the tail light grounds into it, remove rear wheel and it's easer.

The brake switch connections could be touching check those too .

It's all very easy not like new china scooter.

Almost every puch I bought had no working lights. After I tried the correct 6v bulbs and cleaned corrosion then I'd check continuity.

With a battery. A pc of wire and a bulb used as a continuity checker you should be able to find the problem in less then a hr.

The worst I had the spot weld on the coil came apart and I had to solder it .

It still only took only 1/2 hr of trouble shooting to find that.

Re: Tail lights not working

hardwire that shit. look it up in the wiki

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