running strange/ excessive popping (video)

I have some issues with my hobbit after opening the polini's exhaust port to match the MLM People's pipe. I had a good run after I put everything back together, the bike wassweat flying no sweat. After letting the bike sit for a few hours it started doing what it is in the video. I changed my head, base, and exhaust gaskets, along with the crank seals. Sprayed some starter fluid around all the mating surfaces and didn't find any leaks.

I gapped my points to .385mm, thats what I've been running and it works great with my setup. I'm running a 18mm mikuni with a 80 jet. It was 90 before. I just put in a new plug (B7HS) after the last one fouled up when I fixed some air leaks. Cleaned my piston and changed the ring.

I can get up to 15mph WOT but there is a lot of pooping and backfiring going on and refuses to fully variate.

any ideas whats going on here? Ran perfect before and a little while after opening the exhaust port.

Re: running strange/ excessive popping (video)

Trevor "Scraps" Arms /



Re: running strange/ excessive popping (video)

Probably Fred /

Pepto bismol helps

Re: running strange/ excessive popping (video)

Reduce your point gap and report back.

Re: running strange/ excessive popping (video)

Sal RVA mopeds LLC /

mine was doing that also. go over your wiring. i didnt have my grounds wired correctly like a newb haha!

Re: running strange/ excessive popping (video)

Shawn Hellefuycked /

Problem solved!

This has happened before but not this bad. I realized while standing and staring at my bike that the ignition coil had come loose. It gets tossed around in its plastic covering and causes the misfires. ITs not grounded to the frame so every time it hit the frame it would spark. higher rpms caused more consistent misfires as the coil bounced more aggressively.

I'm at a 95 jet now and running very sluggish off the line. rpms wind out until the clutch engages then I slowly climb speed until about 10 15mph.

I fabbed my own washer for the variator because I didn't have a p2 vario washer. I used soft metal so now its misshaped and causing vibrations.

Re: running strange/ excessive popping (video)

Shawn Hellefuycked /

thanks for all your input.

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