Sachs tranny oil

So I've had this General 5 star with a Sachs motor for a few months now I took the little plastic oil plug out to check the oil it didn't seem like much was in there should I change it what should I put in and how much should acually be in there? It runs really good now I want to keep it that way

Re: Sachs tranny oil

you can use almost any oil really, typically folks'll use ATF transmission fluid or SAE 30 oil. Non detergent is a better option, detergent oils are made for 4 strokes where the oil lubricates the cylinder also. Best stuff is motorcycle or scooter transmission oils.

you take the plug out and fill it til it comes out the hole, you may have to refill it after running it a little because it takes some going to slosh it all around in there properly.

Re: Sachs tranny oil

Thanks a lot!

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