Red wire on 1978 pa 50

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I am restoring a 78 pa 50 that basically was missing all the stuff on the bars and thenfrontnsuch as ignition switch , headlights, kill switch etc. I have two nwiringnharnessesnand am getting things hooked up. As i stated in a previous post I bought some express switches and cables. So my immediate question is the red wire that comes out of the magneto. On the wiring diagram it goes into some kind of ignition switch which on the boxes on the top of the diagram is labelled bat. I also understand some pa 50 s had and some didn't have a battery. If I have a red from the magneto is it necessary to wire one in? Could I get some detailed instructions of what if anything to do with the red wire that I have attached to the red wire in the harness that goes by the tank to the front.

Re: Red wire on 1978 pa 50

If you are going with a complete restore than check out the wiki for manuals. I have seen one in there that details everything about the pa50i. If you just want to hardwire it, you only need black to coil and yellow to lights. simple design really.

Re: Red wire on 1978 pa 50

Marc Friedman /

is the redwire a ground? I do have the wire diagram.

Re: Red wire on 1978 pa 50

Marc Friedman /

For the record ,if anyone ever searches magneto , wiring issues on a pa 50 let me just summarize what I understand about the wiring diagram. The magneto has three coils. One ignition with a bl/white lead, a lighting coil with a yellow lead, and a third coil that in the 1978-79 setup has a red lead that powers the brake light.

Almost all circuits are completed with an actual return to the magneto coils via the green lead . Exception is a circuit fornthenfront headlight low beam I'm pretty sure that is in series with a 30 ohm 5 w resistor s as to bleed excess voltage away from the filament so as not to burn it out when the magneto is spinning at high rpm . The other groundmismof course at the actual spark plug.

The brake light switches on the brake handles are open when not squeezed. current flows to the brake light as follows wire from magneto to ignition switch which when in the on position flows to the black wire. And when either handle is squeezed ..flows to green/yellow to rear brake light bulb and then to green ground back to magneto.

Likewise the horn is hot on one side via black again from the red via the ignition switch and the circuit is complete via light green to horn button where when pressed closes with green.

I hope that any electrically challenged persons find this explanation helpful

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