1975 Carabela Electrical Issues - In the Dark

I have a 1975 Carabela that I have rebuilt and is just about complete. My last issue (I hope) is the electrical system.

I cannot run the head lamp, tail light and brake light at the same time. When I attempt this they all just dim down to a very weak level.

Situation: With the headlight & tail lights on they burn ok at idle and a bit better at just above and level out after that. If I hit the brake then they all go out (or very dim). No amount of RPM will bring them back but if I let off the brake they pop right back up. With the headlight off brake light work just fine.

Background: I had to replace the headlight & tail brake light. They were broken and I took care to get replacements to match.

Bike is running well and system is 6 volts

Head Light is 15watt/15watt (I only have one element connected)

Tail Light is 3 watt

Brake Light is 5 watt.

By my estimate I should need about 3.5 to 4 amps of current at 6 volts.

I have tested with a 6 volt battery and all lights together pull about 3.1 amps.

I have connected the battery as the bikes power source (not running) and all of the lights work, so I am assuming no electrical short.

When I try to measure the DC voltage and current on the bike is difficult because I have a digital meter. The values are jumping all around.

Is the system just tired not able to push enough power.

I welcome any assistance and any direction for my next step in getting on the road.

Re: 1975 Carabela Electrical Issues - In the Dark

Darrell Gabbard /

wire it like a minarelli V1. the wire that comes off the condensor (red) goes to the HT coil/kill switch. the black wire powers the head, speedo, and tail light. the blue wire should be your ingnition ground through the brake light circuit

head light should be 18 watt

tail light 5 watt

brake should be 10 watt

i dont know the carabela color code so you might need to look at the coils under the flywheel and ID the wires

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