Moped Mechanic Maryland

Michael Burke /


I have a AV7 motobecane with a 70cc parmakit, carb, and pipe... Everything was professionally installed however I need the bike tuned and the timing re-done. Anyone in MD who wants to make some $$$$$ helping me getting this bad boy road ready? Thanks!

Re: Moped Mechanic Maryland

♣Slew Foot♣ /

when you say professionally installed its a turn off. there are very few moped professionals and if they were "professionals" there would be marks already marking out TDC and firing zone.

get yourself a timing light, a depth gauge and

a marker.

it would be a big risk for a mechanic to take on, having not installed the kit, too many unknowns and its way to easy to mess it up permanently.

just an educated opinion.

good luck.

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