99 Honda elite not starting

I got this moped a month ago from my buddy and I worked great. Only maintenance that needed to be done was a new spark plug and some general cleaning. About a couple weeks ago I started noticing that the lights were getting a little dim but I really didn't worry about it because it was running great. Then one morning it just wouldn't start. There is a full tank of gas in it, checked all the fuses I could find and they were good, and I tested the battery and found there was power coming from it. I know a lot about vehicle engines but not so much about 2cycle engines. I would appreciate any help or tips. Thanks for reading this

Re: 99 Honda elite not starting

You will not get too much help here as this is a moped forum and not a scooter forum.

Check if you have spark, check if the fuel is getting to the spark plug. A lot of newer scooters must have a goodly battery or it will not operate corrrectly, perhaps it is time for a new one.

Re: 99 Honda elite not starting

are you trying to electrically start it, with an electric starter? because then maybe your battery's just dead and you need to use kickstart if it's got one. never jump it with a car battery

if your lights etc got progessively dimmer it's probably either bad/dried battery or the regulator/rectifier's fucked up.

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