1980 express problematic

I just bought a 1980 nc50 from a shit hole. It looked like it wanted to be saved.

I am a noob with these old mopeds and need help with the problems

- dies when given gas

- if i lift the back tire and giv it gas it will run just fine but the minute i put the tire down and try to give it gas it dies, although occasionally i can get tit to run for about a minute

- no electronics work

- battery is still good, good through fuse, good through connector and that is as far as i have tested

- no air filter

- i am just wondering which type of air filter you guys would recommend

-carb leaks ALOT and bogs if it does run when you give it gas

- no clue on this one

When you get done reading this you will understand why i call myself a noob, haha thanks for the input.

Re: 1980 express problematic

Hey Josh, If your carb is overflowing, it could be that the float needs to be adjusted. You can get a stock air box for it on Ebay, probably. It takes a foam filter that you can buy new from a bike parts web site, like BikeBandit.com It's really best with a stock setup to use the stock airbox. And by that I mean your bike will run best with the stock air box.

Re: 1980 express problematic

Chris Holbrook /

clean the carb the needle valve is probably not seating if its over flowing.. i had the same problem on my rescued hobbit.. clean the gas tank + replace or add fuel filter check petcock & lines for trash..check the wiki on cleaning the carb the express & hobbit are close enough to get a good idea & the hobbits carb cleaning wiki is good..

Re: 1980 express problematic

thanks guys!

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